e051, street date October 23, 2013

Musicians: Titles:
  Reflector of Truth
David Soldier: Violin, banjo, guitar Bike Lane
Roy Campbell: Trumpet, pocket Snowflakes
  trumpet, flute Seat of Green
William Hooker: Drums Slippers
  For Leroy...1
  For Leroy...2

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Hooker’s low rumbling–churning energy that simmers without boiling over–and Campbell’s often muted lines that accent the collective sound or cut brilliantly across the deeper center–strike an unsettled, defiant feel. Together they spin experiences of sadness, yearning, disappointment, triumph in the various songs on the record. -- Jazz Right Now


William Hooker is a free-drummer of great, dramatic dynamics, a player with real fire and, increasingly, a bandleader of importance. All this can be heard to good advantage on his new one, Heart of the Sun (Engine 051). It's a live set recorded at the Roulette this past February. Hooker presents his music on this outing with a trio that roars, whispers and incants its way into your soul, soul-to-soul. -- Gapplegate Music


As ever here Campbell mixes speedy proto bebop outbursts with an earthy lyricism, this last trait being particularly appropriate as Hooker, in what seems something of a new departure, introduces more overt melodies than often found in his spirited concoctions. -- John Sharpe, All About Jazz

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