e053, street date November 12, 2013

 Musicians:   Titles:
 Brian Settles: Tenor Saxophone   Rivers
 Corcoran Holt: Bass   Sipho
 Jeremy Carstedt: Drums   Efflorescence
    Passing Landscape


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The second, stripped down effort by Brian Settles confirms his leadership abilities and the exceptional rapport among these three. Here’s a cat who without much fanfare is making jazz the way it used to be made all the time: with real emotion and synergy. -- S. Victor Aaron, Something Else!


Saxophone trio recording with a heavy presence, yet still across as quite tuneful. Settles on tenor sax, Jeremy Carlstedt on drums, and Corcoran Holt on bass. Opening track “Rivers” illustrates their aptitude with rhythmic fireworks. Subsequent track “Sipho” illustrates the trio’s ability to craft a pretty melody and handle it with care. -- Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

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