Quatuor Creole

e046, street date June 26, 2012

Musicians:   Titles:
Sylvain Leroux: Flute, tambin (fula flute),   Oxossi
  alto sax, dozon ngoni, khaen   Tanganika
Karl Berger: Vibraphone and piano   fantaisie créole
Sergo Décius: congas, percussion   Fantancolo
Matt Pavolka: contrabass   le message
    dans la forêt
    Monk in paradise

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Several of the ten tracks demonstrate a mellifluous acoustic quality and are cyclical as chants, but the nearly 12-minute "fantaisie créole," for which Leroux switches to a conventional Western flute, has as an episodic structure with an introduction that touches on classicism; there's also one piece overdubbed for compositional purposes. -- Howard Mandel, Arts Journal


Leroux is an interesting cat, drawing inspiration from Thelonoius ("Monk in Paradise") and the Fulani people of West Africa. Evidently Leroux went to Gambia and studied the Fule. That flute adds a hint of raspiness to this album, check out "La Message" where Leroux also gasps out falsetto phrases between the notes. Excellent! --Thurston Hunger, KFJC


The ever-evolving "Notis" best expresses the multicultural spirit that is the essence of the album, with the Levantine themes melting into African ones with dashes of Mediterranean lyricism. Far from being radically innovative, Leroux's freshman effort is, nevertheless, quite a treat for the ears and a worthy addition to the canon of the world- jazz subgenre. -- Hyrar Attarian, All About Jazz

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