e047, street date July 24, 2012

Musicians: Titles:
Mamady "Djelike" Kouyate: guitarist, arranger Alimatou
Bebe Camara: vocals Dery
Mamady Kourouma: accompaniment guitar Kensan
Nicholas Cudahy: bass Domany
Andy Algire: drums Fakoly
Foluso Mimy: percussion Kaira
Oran Etkin: tenor sax & clarinet N'diagno
Sylvain Leroux: alto sax, flute Kaningbe

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Mamady Kouyaté and Mamady Kourouma lay down sweet, fingerpicked guitar grooves while Andy Algire plays his drum kit with steady hi-hats and drum rim hits. Nicholas “Snek” Cudahy’s delicate bass playing steps in and out of the groove while Foluso Mimy’s steady percussion locks everything together. -- Splinters & Candy


Anyone familiar with the New York African music scene will surely have heard the Mandingo Ambassadors display their gracefully artistic sound to the delight of listeners and dancers.  For those unfamiliar with the African musical stylings of this virtuosic ensemble, now is the time for your introduction. -- Afrobeat blog


It's a West African sound, tempered by some of the classic Mid-African highlife classics. This is music that moves! A great record to get the party going, even if it's a party in your head. -- Gapplegate Music Review

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