Imaginary Perspective

e040, street date May 24, 2011

  Musicians:   Titles:
    Autumn Sonar
  Michael Monhart: Saxophone, Percussion, Tibetan horn   Radio Ice Waves
  Greg Campbell: Drums, Percussion, French horn   Muffle and Hum
  Tom Baker: Fretless guitar, electronics   Imaginary Perspective
     Echolocation Song
    Under the surface of Saturn
    Parallel in Name Only
    Inverse Lighthouse
    False Transom

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Avant Music News Top 20 recording for 2011


It's as if each player is an independently functioning body part that coordinates with the other two in ways that lead to a result that is more than the sum of its parts. This is not freebop. It's abstract sound weaving of a provocative sort.
-- Gapplegate Music Review

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