Introspective Athletics & Pine Barren

e044, Street Date: October 3, 2011

  Musicians:   Titles:
     Introspective Athletics:
  James Ilgenfritz: Bass   Clicks, Beeps, Buzzing
  Chris Welcome: Guitar   Shimmering Hiccups
  Jonathan Moritz: Sax   Introspective Athletics
     Fluttering Clicks, Fractured Hisses
     Granulated Nuance
     Fluttering Beeps, Mumbling
    Dramatic Flare
    Mellifluous Chirps
    Fractured Flakes, Torrent of Frantic
    Pine Barren:
  Josh Sinton:   Water For My Father
   baritone saxophone   Deeper In the Woods than You
   bass clarinet   The Earth for My Father
   contrabass clarinet   I'm Still Trying
    Dizknee Justice Abounds
    Full of It.Love, that is
    Through the Trees I saw Stone Caves On a Beach

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The group (Trio Caveat) creates cerebral chamber improvisations integrating pitch and textures into a web of sound woven over the course of shorter, atmospheric pieces rather than one or two extended pieces.


Sinton is a lyrical player, often constructing his lines around brief motifs or phrases that accumulate into longer lines of increased melodic complexity.

-- Daniel Barbiero, Avant Music News


Throughout nine improvisations, the trio eke out a furrowed palette of metallic footfalls and eliding cubistic tendencies, resulting in a series of skewed but fascinating conversations.


While the music is rooted in autobiographical excavation (as the
accompanying online notes detail), Sinton's playing is wry and pure and his music relatable rather than cagey


-- Clifford Allen, All About Jazz


Not to write off the aformentioned type of extreme improv, but Trio Caveat balances the temptation for extreme free blowing with measured, empathetic interaction.


What's refreshing is his (Sinton's) command of the instrument, which sounds like a cross between a gong and an industrial vacuum cleaner.

-- Shanley On Music

Running Time: 1:12:02

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