e045, Street Date: November 8, 2011

Musicians:   Titles:
 Mike Gamble: Guitar, Looper,   Gilgamesh
   keybass, memory man,   Impend
   drums, cymbals   Optimalist
    Love Fist
    Star Strider
    I'm On Your Side
    The Age of Analog
    Saturn's Return
    Inevitable Tasks at Hand

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Atmosphere reigns in “Loomer” (Engine), the intriguing new solo release by the guitarist Mike Gamble, but that doesn’t mean the music lacks for plot or incident. Mr. Gamble, a trained improviser who also travels in the same orbit as the Seattle doom band Earth, recorded “Loomer” with loops and effects but no preprogrammed material. -- Nate Chinen, New York Times


Loomer is an album of complex guitar work and a rogue path into electronics that is achieved in a dense, atmospheric and melodic approach towards the unknown. This unknown is of course never at the expense of rich harmony and Loomer is truly a pleasurable deviation to the common approach of the guitar.
-- Soundcolorvibration.com

Running Time: 56:28


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