On Fire

e042, street Date: October 11, 2011

  Musicians:   Titles:
  Kidd Jordan: Tenor Sax   Officer, that big knife is to cut my reeds
  Harrison Bankhead: Bass   The Evil Eye
  Warren Smith: Drums   We're All Indebted to Each Other
    Harrison Carries the Coffin Out

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Helping him on this album are two major figures in the whack jazz scene themselves: percussion and vibes specialist Warren Smith and bass boss Harrison Bankhead, who played with Jordan in Anderson's band. This lineup practically gives away the plot of the record, which is unrestrained, improvised music played at its highest level, and that's just what these three play. - Victor Aaron, Something Else!


To anchor Jordan’s saxophone sound is Harrison Bankhead, who bows exceedingly low tones on bass, and Warren Smith, whose process-oriented snare/cymbal combinations pull everything together." -- Lynn Horton, Jazz Times

Tenor saxophonist Edward "Kidd" Jordan is one those rare musicians who is able to imbue the freest, most advanced improvisations with extreme lyricism and build complex harmonies out of dissonant notes. On Fire showcases his sublime musicianship to the fullest. --Hyrar Attarian, All About Jazz

Running Time: 50:25

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