Morning Sun Harvest Moon

(e039, street date May 24, 2011)

  Musicians:   Titles:
    Morning Sun Harvest Moon
  Harrison Bankhead: Bass   Chicago Senorita
  Ed Wilkerson: Tenor Sax,   East Village
     Clarinet, Didgiredoo   Over Under Inside Out
  Mars Williams: Alto, tenor,   Red is the color in Jean
     sopranino sax, clarinet      Michel Basquiat's Blue Silk
  James Sanders: Violin   22nd Street Hustle
  Avreeayl Ra: Drums   Flying through your Dreams
  Ernie Adams: Percussion   A Sketch of Leroy Jenkins

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This is an excellent album through and through, showing a group and a leader that have really though through thir musical statement, but also leave plenty of space for the unpredictable nature of improvisation. -- Tim Niland, AAJ


Harrison Bankhead's uniqueness is not restricted solely to his bass playing, which is touched by the melodicism of Ray Brown and the authority and inventiveness of Charles Mingus in a voice singularly his own. -- Raul D'Gama Rose, All About Jazz


With great balance between accessible and joyful (first half) and expressive, exuberant and searching, but never excessive (second half), with a handfull of great solo performances but focused on ensemble sound. I have a great respect for Harrison Bankhead who doesn't push himself forward (I think he only solos twice on the album) and keeps the group together around his grooves. -- The Jazz Alchemist (Poland)

Running Time: 58:48

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