Secret Handshake

e041, street date June 14, 2011

Musicians:   Titles:
  Brian Settles: Saxophone   Zui Quan
  Neil Podgurski: Piano   Secret Handshake
  Corcoran Holt: Bass   Anti-War March
  Jeremy Carlstedt: Drums   Earth
  Jean-marie Collatin Faye:   Soulnimsky
   Percussions   Gardenia
    Grandmother tells of Africa

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To hear Settles' shivering, confessional voice supported by a sonic structure built on his own terms is a revelation. One of those terms is a dedication to repetition, the oldest and holiest of human rites;

-- Luke Stewart, Capital Bop's Record of the Year for 2011


The year was a banner one for jazz records in this town, but none offered so uncompromising and compelling a vision as saxophonist Settles' buffet of lyricism, freeform exploration, and stylistic versatility. -- Michael West, Washington City Paper


Named one of Eremite's top 30 records of 2011

Running Time: 48:48

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