e034, street date April 27, 2010

Musicians: Titles:
Stephen Rush: rhodes, Breakthrough/Zhu
  trombone, toys Fade to Frenzy
Tom Abbs: bass, cello, violin, Landfill/Sharks
  tuba, didjeridoo Lost in the Field
Geoff Mann: drums, See Saw
   percussion, trumpet Local Motive
  Again, and sweetly





Although the album rocks excitingly from track to track, the crowning moments come on the ultimate track, "Again and Sweetly," a sonic gem of sweeping expanse. While sounding utterly new, the musicians manage to improvise around myriad familiar songs that appear and disappear throughout; an agglomeration of sound that makes Sharks memorable long after the music dies. -- Raul D'Gama Rose, All About Jazz


Starting out in “Breakthrough/Zhu,” the instrumentation conjures up a jungle-like thickness akin to rhythmic tribal ceremony to open up a musical development, which includes mimicry of living creatures on an array of exotic and traditional acoustic instruments and electronics. -- Lynn Horton, Jazz Times

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