e033, street date 6/22/10

Musicians: Titles:
Stephen Haynes: Trumpet, Reclamation
   cornet, flugelhorn, mutes Quietude
Warren Smith: Drums, Invocation
   Percussion, Marimba, Voice Flowers for Ida
Joe Morris: Electric guitar St. Louis Sonority

Sample MP3: Reclamation


For all three musicians, slowness in the delivery leads to precision and great interaction, and that includes Joe Morris, here often limiting himself to his bass strings, which at times gives more the impression that he's playing bass.

-- Stef Gjissels, Free Jazz Stef


Top 10 list for 2010. -- Clifford Allen, Ni Kantu


It all combines to produce a delight for those who like to delve into timbral detail, to revel in the weight attached to each sound and the subtle changes in the intonation of breath through brass. -- John Sharpe, All About Jazz

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