e035, street date October 12, 2010

Musicians: Titles:

Edward Ricart: Guitar

Your ba will not abandon

Sam Lohman: Drums

  your corpse

Izezi and his ba


Bas of re


Dialogue of a man with his ba


Is a ba among you?


Your ba is within you


My Ba cannot be kept from

    my corpse

Your Ba Will Not Abandon Your Corpse (13:17)



Don't get too comfortable; after a series of wobbly, nervous strums and astray high-hat dashes MG bring the mutha-fuckin' RUCKus, albeit with the slow-build patience not common in the anything-goes universe.
-- Gumshoe Grove


I thought of finishing by stating something clever like "this is the best album SonnySharrock never made," but in truth, Sharrock never would have made this record, anyway. Maybe that's because Matta Gawa goes even further out beyond the frontier to create something that can only be described as a Matta Gawa record. -- Pico, Something Else! Music Reviews


They play, metaphorically, with blindfolds on and it could be some controlled noise rock with the kind of freedom one can expect from free jazz, where you'll hear a bass with an intense amount of distortion, or they're tweaking an effect pedal and making things sound ridiculous. -- This is Book's Music

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