Missing Time

e037, street date November 12, 2010

Musicians: Titles:
Nick Millevoi: guitars Bonding
John Deblase: bass Presentation
Ricardo Logamasino: drums No Valleys
  Enfolded within a
     great flow
  Missing time

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Missing Time</em>&nbsp;is jarring, punishing instrumental rock that's clearly indebted to Black Flag's skronkier, more experimental work. Guitarist Nick Millevoi takes Greg Ginn's misshapen, barbed-wire soloing style as a starting point and injects doses of Derek Bailey, Sonny Sharrock and Mick Barr Orthrelm, Octis, Krallice for good measure. -- Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance


This band reaches to the top tier of thoughtful and visceral power trio music, and deserves to be celebrated with classic trios like Blind Idiot God and Massacre.
-- Killed In Cars


More recently, some bands have made explicit attempts to combine the ferocity and bluntness of punk and/or metal rock with the free-wheeling improvisation and demanding musicianship of jazz. Philadelphia's own Many Arms is one of those bands who seem to have this hybrid down pat. -- Victor Aaron, All About Jazz

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