Staying in the Game

e029, street date June 23, 2009

Musicians: Titles:
Fred Anderson: Tenor Sax Sunday Afternoon
Harrison Bankhead: Acoustic The Elephant and the Bee
   bass, thumb piano 60 Degrees in November
Tim Daisy: Drums Wandering
  Springing Winter
  Changes and Bodies and

Wandering (6:38)




The fluid nature of Anderson's elongated solos and inexhaustible ideas fare well alongside those of Rollins, and at his advanced age are as fresh as any in the business. -- Michael Nastos, All Music Guide


Following that piece is the equally exhilarating "The Elephant and the Bee." With Bankhead bowing a thick and richly colored bass line, Anderson recites a dirge-like theme, his gutteral tone at once pulling from John Coltrane's spiritual weight, Ornette Coleman's rhythmic dexterity, and Gato Barbieri's diverse tonal range. -- Henry Smith, All About Jazz


Anderson has nearly the entire history of the music in his memory and he draws upon that knowledge to make heartfelt and thoughtful music. -- Tim Niland,

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